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Welcome. Our Alive to Thrive Team is excited to share with you a simple way to generate income and take control of your financial future. 

We are attracting a phenomenal team of people who are saying YES! to owning their life and we hope you will join us!

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Do you know 2 people who have to eat tomorrow and who would like to improve their finances?

Through our “Eat Share And Get Paid” plan, we will show you how to take a little bit of money from your grocery/restaurant budget and transfer it to the purchase of our nutritionally-dense super-foods… spending less and receiving superior food value. If you know 2 people who also have to eat tomorrow and who would also like to be paid for re-directing some of their food money, you are on your way to creating an unlimited residual income.

We partner with one of the strongest, fastest growing companies in the Home-Based Business Industry.

Our company has created over 65 millionaires with over one and one half billion dollars in cumulative sales in 10 short years.

Our Company Vision is "To impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world". 

To get started, please scroll down to the presentation below and follow along in the order presented on this page. 

IT IS IMPORTANT TO REVIEW ALL THE MATERIAL ON THIS PAGE to see how simple this plan really is.  

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Watch this short 12-minute video where one of our top income earners and leader, Bonnie Richards, explains our powerful yet, very simple Eat Share And Get Paid System.

Click the arrow button in the video below to start the video >

The Eat Share And Get Paid Document that Bonnie refers to in the video is located right below the video.

Before showing you the simple Eat Share And Get Paid game plan, we want you to hear from some of the people who are making this work in their lives! 

As you can see, this whole plan is about eating some of the super foods and telling others who will do the same.  The last thing we want to share with you is a brief overview of the Meal Replacement—the IsaLean Shake.  We really want you to get that this is not just a “me too” shake that you could easily pick up in a health food store.  There is really no comparison for the quality and the nutritional density of this food.  This is what we call High Octane Fuel for our income generating vehicle. 

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to “Own Your Life”?  This is what I think it means to “Own Your Life”:

When you subtract out the sleeping time, commuting time, working time and things you have to do each and every day of your life, most people don’t have more than one to two hours a day to do what they would like to do; and then, would they have the money to do it?

We have created a way to “Own Your Life” by building a home-based business: and we have a system for doing it that is so simple anyone can do it.  It doesn’t require selling, and the best part is, it won’t take much of your time.

Welcome to the Eat Share and Get Paid System.  Follow along...

Click to download: Eat And Get Paid.pdf

Click to download: ISAGENIX SUPER FOODS.pdf

Now view a quick 4 minute video that recaps some of the features of our company and focuses strongly on our superior meal replacement shake.   

Are you ready to Own Your Life?

How We Create Income!

Now, to learn more about the company we have chosen to partner with, watch: 


How do you get started?

Click to download: PRICING OPTIONS.pdf

Select your starting system!

Our most popular starting systems are:

30 Day System

Most people come into Isagenix with our 30-day system because it is the deluxe wellness launch. 

A ground-breaking path to healthy weight loss!

The 30-day supply of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System helps you create a cleansing and nutrient infusion routine to optimize health, help you feel younger and more energetic. Each pack is a full 30-day supply. Stimulant-free.

You may experience:

  1. Energy boost

  2. Consistent weight loss over time

  3. Reduced cravings for unhealthy food

  4. Improved muscle tone

  5. Balanced digestion

The 30 Day System is economical, and replaces 68 meals. 

Wholesale Membership Price: $268.00

Retail Price: $382.00

President's Pak

For even greater value, start with our President’s Pak, our business in a box. 

Get a jumpstart on achieving your best success ever!

If you’re ready to jumpstart your health and build your Isagenix® business, this pak has everything you need, including a broad assortment of top-selling products and marketing tools. The 5-Piece Sample Pak, featuring our most popular products, is an effective way to introduce an opportunity for health and wealth with Isagenix.

This pak includes the 30 day system and also provides free membership, Isagenix blender, and an assortment of our other popular products.  Includes our anti-aging product breakthrough Product B.

Wholesale Membership Price: $559.00

Everyday Shake Pak

A satisfying and delicious meal replacement shake. You’ll love each sip of our smooth IsaLean shake

IsaLean Shakes are delicious, nutritionally complete meal replacements that take your health and performance to new levels.

Stock up on our nutrient rich, low-calorie meal replacement shakes that are a core component of our systems and the healthy Isagenix lifestyle. Enjoy two shakes every day in place of meals to safely reduce your calories and help satisfy your appetite by filling you with heart-healthy fiber, vitamins and our proprietary blend of minerals.

IsaLean Shakes contain 23 grams of high-quality undenatured whey and casein protein from New Zealand that exceed USDA organic standards. Available in Natural Creamy Chocolate and Natural Creamy Vanilla, our shakes are also low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol and have added enzymes that break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to maximize the absorption of key nutrients. Best of all, at only 240 calories, 6 grams of fat and less than $2.80 a meal, an IsaLean Shake is the perfect, well-balanced meal, no matter your lifestyle.

Wholesale Membership Price: $153.00

Retail Price: $203.00